A downloadable comic

A parody portfolio featuring motherly characters in sexy situations

In addition to the base portfolio containing art from every contributor, for a few dollars extra you can claim the bonus set consisting of sketches and/or edits from select artists

Artists featured:

Type Images Bonus
Antelon Pony 8 + 0 N/A
Atane Anthro 6 + 8 Sketches
B.B. Pony 4 + 12 Futa, Sketches
CBTwi Pony 4 + 0 N/A
Kinkypinkie Pony 5 + 6 Sketches
Kribbles Pony 4 + 8 Sketches
Saurian Anthro 4 + 0 N/A
R4 Human 1 + 3 Sketches

All sets also contain an additional title page in the base pack to organize the folio into a chaptered book.

Rafle Information

In addition to getting the folio, for every 2 extra dollars thrown towards the base purchase price, your name will be entered into a commission raffle!  That means everyone who buys the bonus content already has a chance to win.  The more you donate the higher your chances!

The artists participating in the raffle are B.B., KinkyPinkie, Saurian, Antelon and CBTwi

The raffle will close at midnight on August 5th, 2017

The raffle has ended, and the price of bonus content has been reduced to be included in the base price.  Thank you everyone who paid extra to be included in the raffle drawing!


Mommy Mares.zip 282 MB
Mommy Mares - bonus.zip 60 MB

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