A downloadable comic

A parody portfolio featuring colorful characters in various BDSM-like scenarios

Ranging from femdom, bondage, to sex slave dungeon settings. Each artist contributes at least four or more high resolution images of a member of the cast in a unique scenario sexual scenario.

In addition to the base portfolio containing art from every contributor, for a few dollars extra you can claim the bonus set consisting of sketches from every artist and futa/cum edits of select pieces.

Artists featured:

Type Images Bonus
3Mangos Anthro 4 + 7 Futa, Sketches
Antelon Pony 4 + 11 Futa, Cum, Sketches
Erodozer Anthro 4 + 10 Cum, Stockings, Sketches
Kinkypinkie Pony 4 + 5 Sketches
Saurian Anthro 6 + 13 Futa, Lineart, Sketches
Zajice Pony 4 + 7 Futa, Sketches

All sets also contain an additional title page in the base pack to organize the folio into a chaptered book

Tagscomic, Parody, pony
Average sessionA few minutes


Breaking Saddle 2 133 MB
Breaking Saddle 2 - Bonus 165 MB


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Hi guys,

Over the past few days we've had some issues with this comments section getting particularly rowdy and aggressive. Please keep discussion civil, and do not attack/insult others for their preferences. You are not doing anyone a service by offending others and starting arguments.

Reviews and criticisms are welcome as long as they pertain to the content and context of the pack itself. Let's keep things friendly.

Thank you


I see some people calling this a scam or at least misleading, figured I'd go ahead and buy it so I can just make a somewhat review, upon purchase there are some things that are a bit off but I'll save that for when I get there.

Folder contains 33 images for the standard version

This includes the cover art and outros. In total there are really only 26 files of actual content… there are six artist… so that means if it was all 100% even 4.3 each? Or am I missing something here because the page says "Each artist contributes at least four or more" kind of implies more. And this did throw me off to. It also looks like just about everyone did four images except saurian who did 6, you da real MVP. But I guess it does say at least 4, but still a bit weird not to just give a total number up front?

Main folio contains some decent images, some a bit lacking some a bit more, all depends on your preference though the Fluttershy scenes does seem a bit lacking in detail. This account for 4 of the total of content images plus a very lack luster title page. These are some basic pictures, not bad but simple gradient backgrounds. Perhaps it only seems a little lesser because Saurian Kinkypinkie and Zajice really seem to display a true talent for horse pornography… I think that's a complement? I mean it as one at the very least. Now I spent some extra bits for deluxe as well. Honestly if I didn't I actually wouldn't recommend this pack, as it was just a bit too short for my taste, even though six dollars really isn't that much.

For mango, since it was pegging from the start some scenes are only color swaps. It's a bit disappointing but what can you expect? She was already using a strap on. Decent enough. Sketch area includes one scene not included in the free pack. However all sketches are also in one image file… would have liked those as separate files.

Anetlon (the fluterrshy one) is the most disappointing, as it's just sketches… I've never really heard of people paying more… for less.

Erodozer the applejack and rarity foot job scenes are simple enough cum edits, but makes a difference if you're into that I'm sure. It also includes the cover are without the text.

Sketches include two alternate scenes and for apple jack two alternate areas. One scene weirdly enough is more detailed in sketch format. Again sadly all sketches are in one file

Kinky is the same as Anetlon, just sketches but includes one unique sketched scene, and a futa edit in a sketch. All separate this time!

Saurian. Futa edit full color sketches include different takes on scenes with different facial expressions. Three unique images though two have an X through them all one page.

Zajice is last, futa edit, once again original had some pegging but they also add pinkie as a futa. Sketches but they are of just the normal images all in one scene.

Overall a C+ I feel like some put in more work than others, decent pack but not long enough. I don't see anything scammy. But perhaps mention the total number of images? For me, only buy if you buy deluxe, if you don't like marecock… well what are you fucking gay? But in all seriousness it's not the pack for you.


Thank you for the feedback, we have revised the sale listing accordingly to be more transparent about the artist distribution of content so as not to confuse future customers.


Pretty nice. If anyone's curious about what's what in the bonus files (I often am), there are futa edits from 3Mangos, Saurian, and Zajice, multiple sketch files from Antelon and Kinkypinkie (the others have single files with every sketch next to each other), and cum edits from Dozer, as well as a textless version of Dozer's title image.

I'm mostly into futa, and this pack does not disappoint. I feel a little bad glossing over the main pack and the other bonus content, but... I don't feel like thinking about them too hard right now.