A downloadable comic

A parody portfolio featuring colorful characters in sexual situations in a scholastic setting. Every artist tackles a different character in a unique subject, with each set consisting of at least three or more high resolution images. This is a follow-up folio to the school themed project from 2014.

The pack includes over 30 images and several other aesthetic bonuses!

Artists lineup:

The base purchase includes portable PDF and CBZ files for "reading" on the go. Additionally, a premium tier is provide which includes a high-res deluxe version zipped for your convenience and some bonus sketches and variants provided by select artists.

Lottery Information

Anyone who purchases the deluxe version (donates 12$ or more) will be automatically placed in an raffle where they can win a one of a kind, exclusive commission from the artist of their choice; for every interval of ten donated after the initial 12$, an additional ticket will be placed in for you. ie. 20 for 2, 30 for 3 and so on! Five winners will be selected at random!

Artists participating in the commission raffle include: Antelon, ColdBloodedTwilight, Kevinsano, Kinkypinkie, and Saurian.

Lottery is no longer open as of Jan 8, 2017. Thank you all who participated.

*This pack includes futa and horse-on-pony


Deluxe Release 171 MB